Virtual Sketchwalks – June 2020


The Urban Sketchers manifesto is strictly about drawing on location, sketching what you see in context, but for various reasons that’s not always possible – either because of working hours, travel restrictions, or you simply don’t feel comfortable drawing in public.

I’ve heard some people say that you should only sketch from life, not a photo, and in some ways I agree because when drawing something that you see with your own eyes you see so much more.

However, there is also a very valuable place for working from photos – apart from anything else, it helps you practice!  Not only that, but it can help you see the world in a different way.

If you enjoy drawing, sketching, painting, you’re looking to learn, or simply feel inspired, there are literally thousands of different online groups where you can indulge your creative interest.

One of these groups is called Virtual Sketchwalk – which is a place reserved for people to work exclusively from photos. It’s almost the complete opposite of the Urban Sketchers group (yet many members are also urban sketchers!).  Every month, a new sketch walk is posted with maps and photos – and this month, June is all about Languedoc!  Some of my photos are the subject, and the event administrator has added a few extras as well.  So after a couple of months of confinement this is a great chance to explore this fabulous corner of France – even if it’s not possible to sketch here in person.

Please do check out the group and even better do a sketch. If you share your sketch photo on Instagram, please tag me @sketchlanguedoc and add a hashtag #SketchLanguedoc and #VirtualSketchwalk and I can repost your work for more to see.

Have fun, and enjoy your visit!